About us

In Agrimanter we dedicate ourselves at the production of high quality substrate. For this reason, we put to your disposition all our knowledge and the most advanced technology.



Our clients come from Spain but also from the rest of the world, as you count with an experienced logistics team that we be able to facilitate the transport of the substrate produced to the facilities of each client.


Our main objective is the total satisfaction of our clients.


We offer an exclusive service in which our clients can elaborate their custom recipes, made from the wide range of raw material we work with.


We can adapt to the everyone’s needs, thanks to the support of our agronomists’ team.


Once a client choses his/her recipe, we realize the production, ready for a particular or industrial use.





Transportador de sustrato

Exclusive Service

If you are interested in developing your personalized product you can contact us and we will advise you throughout the process.


High Quality

Specialists in production of substrate quality, advanced technology and the satisfaction of our customers are the pillars of Agrimanter.