Peat is an organic material which is formed with the decomposition of plants on the long term.


Our peat is harvested in peatlands of the Balitc countries, which are the best in the world and we can provide a high-quality product at any time of the year. 


We can adjust the pH and the electroconductivity of our production according to our customer's needs. 


Technical characteristics of peat

We propose a wide range of peat, each with their own characteristics in order to adapt to the crops.


There are several types of peat with various characteristics that we can provide to our customers so that their mixes are tailored to their needs.  

Technical characteristics

  • High cation exchange capacity
  • High total pore space
  • large capacity of water retention

Also, we have the ability to mix peat with additives such as perlite, to create a better substrate. For more information about the peat we use, you can contact us.