We have high technology machinery for the development of substrates. 


Our substrate is delivered completely bagged and palletized, usually in bags of 50L, up to 70L. Or in bulk, according to the requirements of each customer.




The production capacity of our machinery is 800 bags of 50L per hour.


Sustrato mezclado siendo transportado a la embolsadora
Sustrato mezclado siendo transportado a la embolsadora

Production line

We have peat and coconut decompressors, which allow us to work with large quantities of raw material. We also have several devices that allow us to add fertilizers or increase the humidity of our substrate, according to the wishes of the client.


Once raw materials are in the production line, we have a mixer that makes the perfect blend, rejecting the larger pieces to have a thin substrate, ready for the particular or industrial crop.


We have a fully automated bagger that manages the delivery of the same amount of substrate in each bag produced. The bagger stamps and prints the lot number in each bag to have a perfect tracking of the merchandise produced.


The production line ends with a fully automated palletizer that efficiently arranges the bags on each pallet. The palletizer is responsible for perfectly bagging the entire pallet. The customer can choose the number of bags he/she needs for each pallet.



If you want more information about our production capacity you can contact us.